GeoLocation is a Unreal Engine 4 plugin that I have developed that provides access to geographic location data in UE4 projects targeting iOS, Android and HTML5.

The plugin abstracts the native platforms API for supported platforms into a single component that can be easily controlled using both Blueprint and C++ in UE4. Multiple Geo Location Components are supported to allow access to location data from many different actors. Location results and their accuracy depend on the platform and device hardware.

GeoLocation Screenshot

When running in the Unreal Editor a set of global functions are included that can set a simulated location for testing and development.

I have created a video which highlights the features of the GeoLocation plugin. This is embedded below.

Available now on the UE4 Marketplace

For questions about the plugin there is a release/support thread in the Unreal Engine Marketplace forums: [RELEASED] GeoLocation - Access geographic location data on iOS, Android and HTML5