Game framework, part 2

Posted by Steven Thompson on Jul 27, 2017

When working on this game framework recently I have been concentrating on improving the entity system. Improvements with the entity system now implemented include the addition of entity lifecycle functions that can be used by entity subclasses.

Animated sprite support using sprite sheets is another new feature that I have now implemented, as well as working on visual themes for the small game, Racket, that I am using to build the framework features around.

Mechanical Theme Gear Debug

Trying out the Rust programming language

Posted by Steven Thompson on May 2, 2017

This blog is a static site that is currently generated using Jekyll and hosted in an AWS S3 bucket. As I now intend to keep a fairly regular posting schedule I wanted to streamline my process from a local draft to a published post. One of the parts of this process that was manual was uploading newly generated site files to S3. I wanted to push the new and modified files with a single terminal command.

Since this was a fairly basic program to write I thought I would use it as an opportunity to try out a new programming language. After considering a few options I decided to go with Rust.

Game framework, part 1

Posted by Steven Thompson on Apr 7, 2017

Recently I have wanted to address three goals that I set for myself for game side projects that I work on:

  1. More rapidly create my own small games and prototypes.
  2. Develop a custom framework to use instead of any existing third party game engines.
  3. Write more about projects that I work on.

I thought about how these could be combined into a single overall plan. This resulted in the decision to start making small game prototypes that I will build in a custom game framework and to blog about progress on a regular basis.

Racket Racket is a simple game that I have been building the initial framework around

GeoLocation UE4 plugin released

Posted by Steven Thompson on Jan 12, 2017

GeoLocation is a Unreal Engine 4 plugin that I have developed that provides access to geographic location data in UE4 projects targeting iOS, Android and HTML5.

The plugin abstracts the native platforms API for supported platforms into a single component that can be easily controlled using both Blueprint and C++ in UE4. Multiple Geo Location Components are supported to allow access to location data from many different actors. Location results and their accuracy depend on the platform and device hardware.

GeoLocation Screenshot